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Historic Beaufort South CarolinaIf you have read any of my blogs here on Lowcountry Properties, you know I am somewhat new to the Beaufort area.  A lot of people raise their eyebrows when I tell them I moved from Charleston.  Everyone has such a high opinion of Charleston, they often wonder why any one would leave.  It is a great question as Charleston truly is a nice city.  I moved to Charleston in 1995 to attend the College of Charleston.  For the frst 10 years I thought I had gone to heaven.  Charleston is a beautiful city, on the coast, fantastic restaurants, and more things than I could ever list.  Somewhere in the 2005-2006 timeframe I started to feel differently.  There were more people, more trafic, more condos, and more busyness.  As I got older I wanted less and Charleston, at…
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building_permit_374Many of you probably read the Beaufort Gazette's Monday article on housing permits.  Yes, housing permits are way down due to the real estate crisis.  This hurts Beaufort real estate agents, brokers, builders, banks, and all real estate related industry.  For all the negative news we see on TV, there is a bright spot on the housing front. 

Because of slumping housing permits, building materials in Beaufort have become much much cheaper.  For those who own a vacant lot, now seems to be a great time to build.  Just in the past couple weeks I have noticed several lots being cleared here on Cat Island (I love living here).  If you are in the market, and still can't find what you are looking for, investigate some of the vacant lots for sale.  While he would

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Fripp Island ocean viewToday I had a client ask me about Fripp Island and how sale were going out there.  Long ago I stopped being surprised by how down the market is.  Though that may be the case, I was thinking resort areas are doing still pretty good.  After all, people who own homes in a beach community are rich, right?  Well it seems that this housing slump hasn't even spared luxury home owners.

Actually, when I pulled up Fripp sales for the 4th Quarter, I was a little taken aback.  Only 14 sales in the past 4 months!!!  That's as slow as it gets.  I then pulled up the 4th Quarter 2005 sales and wow, what a difference.  Anyone who thinks we aren't in a slump, take a look at these numbers.  Total sales in the 4th qtr. of 2008 were off by 69.2% (2005 = $29,160,350/2008 =

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I don't have a lot of time tonight but I wanted to comment of the proposed bailout for Realtors and other industries.

Yes, I'm a Realtor and the past two years have not been as great as the previous 14 before that. You know, it hurts. While it hurts now, I have a very funny feeling these bailouts are going to set a VERY poor precedent for the future. It seems like no one is being held accountable and the taxpayer has to pay the price.

In the past, when I have made poor financial decisions, I learned and made better decisions in the future. Bailouts are no more than a free pass for companies and individuals who made snap, uneducated decisions, with no thought about the future. Greed propelled many of these decisions and the government forgiving some

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home under contractThis morning, after taking a holiday break, I attended the first ERA Evergreen Company meeting of 2009.  When I arrived, the office was buzzing, and everyone sure seemed busier than I remember in the past few months.  With my eyebrows raised, I asked several of my colleagues if things were picking up for them.  Every agent I asked had that gleam in their eye and said, "Yes, things are picking up".  No doubt 2008 has been a less than stellar year financially and especially for real estate in general.  So I had to ask my self, "Is 2009 going to mark the turn around for us beat down real estate agents, home owners, and anyone else involved in the real estate business?"

After the meeting, I spent some time wondering if all the buzzing at the office was a

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Beaufort County South CarolinaHaving a tough time paying those large property tax bills all at once?  Beaufort County has initiated a relief program to help residential and commercial property owners.  The program allows property owners to divide their 2008 real property taxes into 5 separate installments.  Applications for the program were mailed along with tax notices last month.  An online version of the installment application can be found on the Beaufort County Website.  Owners must apply for the program to see if they are eligible

Be aware that the installment program is available only for real property (residential or commercial property) taxes.  The plan cannot be used for such things as cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats used as a primary residence.  Applications must be

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wine and grapes at Saltas in Beaufort SC Hello Everyone.  As most of you know, "Night on the Town" is Friday night from 5:00 on, in downtown Beaufort.  Like many downtown businesses, ERA Evergreen will be open to say hello to the public.  We at ERA Evergreen would love to see your smiling faces.  No teasers at ERA.  We will have wine and appetizers for all the ravaged and thirsty folks.  All of our agents will be there to answer any real estate questions you might have.  Don't have any real estate questions, no problem.  At the least, come by and have a glass of wine and some food.  We will have plenty.

Moving to Beaufort is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  After living here on a part time basis, I finally made the move permanent in mid April.  While I have met a BUNCH of great

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Battery Point Beaufort SCHello Everyone.  The plan was for me to write a small blog once a week to keep some reading material on the board.  That is still the plan, but at a Realtor event last week I got to see a home I had not seen before.  Located in Battery Point, 25 Brisbane Drive was the location of the event. Being in Battery Point I knew the home would be nice.  I was just surprised at how nice.  With all the doom and gloom you start to expect every home on the market to be overpriced.  For the price, I thought 25 Brisbane was one of the better bargains I had seen on the market.  If you are in the market, like Battery Point, and what to view a nice home, check out 25 Brisbane Drive in Battery Point.  And no, it's not my listing.  When I see a sweet home I like to pass it

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Lowcountry Properties websiteMy name is Todd Covington and I would like to welcome you to my new website, .  After years of hard work, research, and waiting for my wife to graduate from MUSC in Charleston, I finally launched Lowcountry Properties.  I am very proud of how the site turned out, and hope home buyers and sellers will find it to be the ultimate resource when exploring the Beaufort, South Carolina real estate market.

My first job as a real estate agent was at Coldwell Banker Latorre in Charleston, South Carolina.  As many know, starting a career as an agent is no easy task.  Those outside the world of real estate might not realize, but 95% of real estate agents quit and move on to other careers within the first year.  Why?  Because acquiring

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