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307 Burroughs Ave, Beaufort SC 29902More Signs of the Times, More Great Opportunities.

307 Burroughs Avenue in downtown Beaufort just hit the market this week. This caught my attention, because I had this home listed a few years ago, for $209,000, if memory serves.

The asking price now? $165,000. Back in the 2004 to 2006 range, when real estate boomed in and around Beaufort, it would have been hard to believe you would again be able to own a really nice home, in the mid-$100k range. Now, to be sure, I haven't been in the home in a few years, so I am assuming the property hasn't been run down.

Back when I had the home listed, it was stellar. The hardwood floors had been refinished, some really nifty fixtures adorned the home, the roof  had been replaced, and the garage had been converted into a…
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Coffin Point Plantation Beach - Beaufort CountyI was reminded yesterday about the first time I heard the term "short sale," back in late 2007. We all know what a short sale is now -- it's when a seller accepts an offer on his property that is less than that owner owes on the mortgage. So, the bank needs to agree to take a loss on the property, before the owner is allowed to sell.  

I received an email yesterday from a friend who asked me about a property I had sold a few years ago on McTeer Drive in Coffin Point, a spectacular, wooded neighborhood overlooking St. Helena Sound, on St. Helena Island. This home was a 1960s rancher, with unbelievable views of St. Helena Sound, and even better azalea bushes that exploded and crackled in the spring time. Coffin Point may be only 25 minutes away from Historic…
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A friend of mine here in Beaufort recently informed me of his desire to buy a home, but he made it clear to me he wanted nothing to do with a short sale. My friend had heard horror stories about short sales dragging out for months, only to end up with the bank turning down the offer, and leaving both buyer and seller frustrated.

A short sale is a situation in which a property owner accepts an offer on his property. However, because the offer to purchase is less than the owner's mortgage,  the offer is subject  to bank approval. It happens all the time in today's real estate market. I just had a deal blow up in Bluffton recently because the bank did not move fast enough to satisfy the buyer, who needed to close in 30 days.

138 Spanish Point Drive, Beaufort SC, 29902Many Beaufort, SC buyers who…
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short sales signShort sales and foreclosures are on everyone's minds these days. As we mentioned in a recent blog, a foreclosure involves the sale of a property which is owned by the bank, which took back the property after the owner defaulted on the mortgage, while a short sale involves the sale of a property which is still owned by an individual, but is subject to approval by the owner's lending institution because there is a gap between what the property is worth and the outstanding mortgage on the property.

With so many foreclosures and short sales on the market in Beaufort, SC, it is tempting for a prospective buyer to focus only on these type of properties. After all, that is where the best values are.....right?

Not necessarily. A property does not have to be a short…
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forclosures vs short salesWe in the real estate community get asked often about the difference between a "short sale" and a "foreclosure," two terms used frequently these days in real estate discussions. Beaufort, SC, like most areas of the country, has seen its share of foreclosures and short sales in recent years.

A foreclosure involves the sale of a property which is owned by the bank, which seizes the bank because the previous owner defaulted on the loan. After the bank completes the foreclosure process, it will put the property on the market, either through an auction, or by listing the property with a real estate agent.

A short sale involves the sale of a property which is not bank-owned. But although short sales are not bank-owned properties, they will

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