Beaufort SC Guide to Neighborhoods with a Communities Pool

Posted by Todd Covington on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 at 1:04am.

Anyone who has ever spent time in Beaufort and the Lowcountry in the summer knows it gets hot and humid. A small price for living in paradise.

So, if you are thinking about relocating to the Beaufort area, why not think about a neighborhood with a pool? In recent years, more developers have been opting to add a community pool.

On our list, we just including pools which are automatically accessible to property owners and residents of a community, with no separate membership required.  

For instance, both Cat Island and Royal Pines have pools within the confines of the community, but memberships are required to both. Likewise, Fripp Island had more than a dozen pools, but membership is required.

The king of all neighborhood pools in Beaufort, in my opinion, is Habersham, which overlooks the appropriately-named Broad River, creating one of the most unique and beautiful pool venues in Beaufort. The Habersham pool is located down a quaint gravel road, and features a two-story tower from which the might Broad can be enjoyed. Just a little further down the gravel road is the Habersham pavilion and community dock.

The Harbor Island pool is available to property owners, and overlooks the Harbor River. It is a stunning location, with a kitty and adult pool. Harbor Island is one of Beaufort's two beach communities, the other being Fripp Island, just a few minutes away.

Coosaw Point community poolThe pool at Coosaw Point overlooks the Coosaw River. Coosaw Point is one of the really fine neighborhoods on Lady's Island.

The Battery Point pool was constructed among a copse of oaks, and provides a soothing, shady atmosphere to residents and guests. It's easy to get burned in the Lowcountry sun, so the shade is nice. Battery Point, like Habersham, was part of the "neo-traditional" community wave which has swept through the Lowcountry in recent years.

Pleasant Farm is one of the "underground" pool communities in Beaufort. A lot of Beaufort residents just don't know Pleasant Fam has a pool. But it does. Pleasant Farm is a small, neighborhood tucked away in Burton, yet convenient to both military bases, shopping and dining.

Pleasant Point is about to open a brand new pool for the first time. This established, Lady's Island community was well-known for its golf course, before it closed a few years ago. Residents are hopeful to have the golf course up and running soon, as well.

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