What an Amazing Trip to Polawana Island!!!

Posted by Todd Covington on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at 1:51pm.

Today I wanted to tell everyone a little story about my exploration of an area that's taken me a year to see, Polawana Island (Which is on St Helena Island).  As a Realtor, I have almost unlimited access to visit every community in the Beaufort area.  I simply show my credentials to security and voila, I am in.  Owned by out-of-town developers, this subdivision is different.  Access is limited because the owners are very particular on who has entry rights.  Last Saturday, my wife and I, met a Polawana property owner who was nice enough to allow us access to decide in person if the development was a hit or bust.

To my excitement Polawana Island was much more than I thought it would be.  Our little excursion was more memorable than I thought it could be.  First, the land is beautiful.  Because of zoning, lots are a minimum of 5 acres which I love.  The homes that have currently been constructed are SPECTACULAR.  WOW!!!  Next, it is on the water.  Located on Jenkins Creek, there are some gorgeous waterfront views and homesite.  Third (here's where it gets good), we toured the amenities which include an observation tower for nature, community dock and ample common grounds.

It was our trip to the community dock which marked this as an excursion to remember.  Approaching the owner's dock, my wife and I kept hearing a "swoosh" sound.  I asked, "What in the world is that sound?".  That question was quickly answered upon on our descent to the float.   To our amazement, a Bottlenose Dolphin, whose blowhole we heard, was circling the float in full fishing mode.  The fish were so abundant that several jumped onto the shore only to be stranded. We parked ourselves on the float as the Dolphin hunted for another 25 minutes.

Growing up in a rural area and being a real nature lover, our adventure was similar to visiting paradise.  So the next time I have someone ask where I'd like to live in Beaufort, there will be no hesitation.  Polawana is my dream destination to live.

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Joe Loomer wrote: Todd, the dolphin part hit me at my retired-Navy Chief core! I'm going to have to come on down there and find out who you got the secret handshake from to get on to the Island! Thanks for the great post and for brightening my day.

Posted on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 at 11:13am.

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